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Remote Support

Call Flipping Computers at (423) 591-4000 to arrange your Remote Connect session. You will be directed in exactly what to do.
…it’s as easy as 1. 2 . 3.

Remote Connection Computer Repair over the internet by qualified service technicians.

Then Simply enter the code your technician gives you below and follow their directions to connect.
…Then just sit back and relax.

Business Remote Services

The charge for UP TO ONE HOUR of Remote Connect Services is only $39.95 and is based on PER HOUR RATE ONLY to go towards ONLY the problem(s) you have reported.

NOTE that we also offer Business Remote Connect Maintenance Contracts that start at only $19.95 per month, Per system, w/ 12 mo. contract to keep all systems running clean with our remote protected services. – Call or email us for details or to set up an account …for your business operations peace of mind.